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Cast Glass

The process of casting glass is a long and time-consuming process, which often can take up to 6 weeks if not  longer, depending on the shape of the glass. 

In order to cast glass, you normally make a wax positive of the shape you want in glass, this is then cast into investment plaser, the wax is then steamed out, and you are left with the negative of the shape which you want to make in glass. Once you have the negative the mould must dry properly before being placed in a kiln. A reservoir is placed on top of the mould with glass ingots, once the kiln reaches casting temperature ranging from 850-880 oC the glass starts to melt and dribbles into your mould. The casting of the illusionary space series takes approximately 2 weeks in the kiln. After the work has cooled down it can be demoulded, and a laborious grinding and polishing process is taken place, using carbon silicate and diamond tools. The result after such a laborious process is satisfying and gratifying, once polished with cerium oxide and the glassy qualities are revealed at its fines in this as the final stage, the process feels worthy ! 

The Illusionary Space Series 

Concerned with the playfulness of light and shadow, Troli creates sculptural glass forms exploring optical effects and illusions through a variety og surface qualities. 

I am drawn to the contradictory material qualities of glass such as reflection, refraction, fragility, rigidity, transparency and translucency

Works from this series was chosen for the prestigious European Glass Prize Exhibition, the 3rd Coburger Glass Prize 2006, in Coburg Germany.  A premier competition for European Glass. 

Two of the sculptures in this series was bought for the Collection of the Ernstig Stiftung Glass Museum Lette, Germany.

It has also toured the Fragile Cargo Touring Exhibition 2004-2005

2004- Budapest Galeria, Budapest Hungary

2004-Vazary Keptar , Kaposvar, Hungary

2005- The World of Glass, St. Helens, UK

2005- The Glass Art Gallery, London, UK

2005- Verschiningen, Tilburg, Holland

and shown at

2006- St. Joseph´s Gallery, Bruges, Belgium

2006- The British Glass Biennale, Stourbridge, UK

2006- The 3rd Coburger Glass Prize Exhibition, Coburg, Germany

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