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Aurora Syntax is a permanent glass and lighting installation for the foyer of Kulturfabrikken, Sortland, Northeren Norway. Sortland town has the nickname Blåbyen meaning the blue town , a concept developed by the local artist Bjørn Elvenes.

Aurora Syntax is installed from a 12.5 m ceiling stretching 10 meters in length and 3 meters wide. Consisting of 140 glass elements, hung in a wave like format. Inspired by the natural phenomena Aurora Borealis. The newly buildt Kultufabrikken was a project by LPO architects, Oslo, who transformed the premisseis of an old fishfactory into a cultural meeting place, now housing a range of events including cinema, theatre, music school, local history museum, gallery, library and cafe. The commsion was a KORO funded and KOM project. 


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