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Bar Roc(k)coco Series


Would it be possible to evoke feelings of nostalgia and escapism in a contemporary object by using historical references of decoration? 

The baroque period displayed luxury and the flamboyant as seen in form of grand facades on buildings, whilst the rococo period that followed was a toned down version of the former, centered around objects for interior with a style often recognised as asymmetrical in its forms, whilst portraying floral and fluid forms. 


The Victorian era which followed with its elaborate decoration and flock designs,  have inspired this body of work, whilst using state of the art Waterjet cutting technology to pursue it. 

This work also displays the  juxtaposition of the artist cultural heritage. A fusion of Scandinavian simplicity in it’s structural design, yet following a quintessential English style in terms of decoration.



Both lamp and mirror have been made from flat pieces of glass which have been waterjet cut, edge-worked and hot or cold fused together. The lamp consists of 83 stacked cogs that form the core and foot of the lamp. The core also has a hollow, allowing for the lighting source to run through the entire height of the lamp.  8 identical outline profiles of a lamp have been waterjet cut and each of these side-panels slot into the cog-shaped core, forming a 3 dimensional form and a unique visual expression.

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